Float CRM-GC33

bureau veritas



galleggiante1 The float is constructed entirely of aluminum and is composed of a flat sheet of almond slip mt 3,00 X 3,00 and two floating form Trapezica also with almond-slip floor plate.


The float is removable for ease of movement.




  • Dimensions: 3.00 X 4.25 X 1.00 meters.
  • Weight Kg 220.00
  • Total capacity: 400.00 kg.

    The float was submitted to Bureau Veritas Certification in the early stages of design, calculation, supply building materials, evidence of buoyancy and stability at full load and test firing.



    galleggiante1 The float must be registered to RNMG for "License to smaller ships and floating."

    For this purpose are released:

    • Measurement Certificate;
    • Certificate of Stability;
    • Remarks Security;
    • Certificate of Fitness for the transport of dangerous goods.






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